Dear Reader / Tove Salmgren

This will be posted on a word press blog, a blog that is part of the festival END FEST, happening i Stockholm march 2017. I was asked if I were interested in writing, drawing or making something for the blog in relation to the festival, to some of the performances or more general about the festival. In return I were to get free tickets for all of the shows. We (the curators and I) discussed a bit the possibilities a forum like this brings – what kind of discourse material that it propose in itself. One thing that was brought up was how woman in the field of dance and choreography usually make such effort in all the writings they do, and that perhaps this forum allows for a bit more loose writings, maybe even spontaneous writings. We spoke of the possibility to write with an alias, if what comes out feels too blunt, unfinished or stupid. The curators said the blog is for everything, not just perfectly formulated ideas and correct language.
I saw Boner by Iggy Malmborg yesterday and this experience made me think in terms of how one could think that this blog, the commission from the curators, and myself are hereby presented as a unit, a unit that has melted into a personthing, or a thingperson? Anyway a computer. It does not use an alias though. Since transparency, and radical honesty, is the key to a future worth knowing.


According to,
Tove Salmgren


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