Dear Immunsystemet/ Tove Salmgren

Dear Immunsystemet,

Thank you for the experience yesterday. What happened here is that I used the computer and the writer machine, spontaneous creativity and a scissor, a representation of something much more complex in your show, fine motoric finger motions including touch, press and fast movements (in combination with some color pencils) – and took a photo of the result of it. I needed to email the photo to myself and then to import it in a program and later to export it. But this was before I actually used the writher machine. But never mind the unchronological order in this story. Or do, but please don’t hesitate letting it go when you need to, or find it appropriate. Then I wrote Dear Immunsystemet and started to make or unmake spaces between the letters, to produce new combinations in the sequence, a bit like in the picture below but with the use of the words Dear Immunsystemet. It felt embarrassing watching the result of it, and I cut it out. I waited a moment and thought about what to do. Then I wrote this. It has also been edited.

Love and devotion,
Tove Salmgren


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