/////////////////THE END HAS ENDED\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Our very most sincere thank you to all who decided to share the end with us. We must say it was spectacular, yet sincere and fragile. Like, a really really good ending. Extra special thank you’s to the artists, the audiences, partnering institutions and organizations. Without you none of this would ever be!

Also thank you all the mothers, MTV and God – and to all those who believed in END FEST.

This is kind of cliché but still every END is a new beginning you know. Stay with us on the blog that keeps striving and will keep open for everyone all the time, new texts and internet stuff will happened here. But you will be reminded 4 sure. (also, if you want to write something, or make a drawing, or submit a really good meme, email us info@endfest.se).

Don’t forget us, we will never forget you. END FEST is an ongoing work organized in the form of an eternityfestival. Please stay with the word Eternity.

Until we end again



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