– — — A Taxonomy of Explosions — — – J E N N I F E R B O Y D

Today we would like to share with you a text on explosions, extreme energy and transformative powers by Jennifer Boyd. Another P0$$€ favorite! And as we are going to read ”A Theory for the Strange Girl: Raw Red Text” for the €L€M€NTS Episode on Feb 17th, we thought it would be nice to see some of Jennifer Boyd’s other work.

In the text Boyd departs from three images to outline taxonomic categories from explosions:

– the upward bloom –

– the spherical bang –

– an invisible sensation based in organic cells –

Through fragments and imagery the potential and temporal aspects of explosions are investigated in a subversive manner that provides language for the materiality of the matter at hand.

illustration by Dave Gaskarth

–          –         –        –       –      –     –    –   –  – –>   A Taxonomy of Explosions

”Explosions are immensely physical, and yet they are non-material — fire, smoke and sensation are all fleeting. However, they leave behind evidence and residues — explosions lack solids, aside from the ways in which they alter the already-existing. They resound across the body’s interior, the exterior landscape, and the environments created in cultural imaginings.”


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