POSES_beta /// K L A R A U T K E A C S


Poses can be be can poses
defined as a a as defined
number of embodied embodied of number
attitudes or positions positions or attitudes,
most likely studied studied likely most.

Poses can also also can poses
be defined as as defined be
the mental or or mental the
ideological positions or or positions ideological
attitudes subjects claim claim subjects attitudes.

Could one end this division between between division this end one could
these two definitions by considering them them considering by definitions two these
as co-existing, even as entangled entangled as even, existing-co as,
meaning that your mental state and and state mental your that meaning
your physical state are operating together together operating are state physical your ?

It means that that means it
the way your your the way
body poses in in poses body
space also is is also space
positioning you politically politically you positioning.

’Poses’ is not not is ’poses’
only a noun noun a only
in plural form form plural in,
it is also also is it
a verb in in verb a
present tense singular singular tense present
third person form form person third :

One poses a a poses one
question – as as – question
I just did did just I

Made with poses asymptote *hanging out*

Thx to the editorial board / Mothers of Dales and Mountains



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