Iggy Lond Malmborg ”b o n e r”

b o n e r is an analysis of itself.

Photo:Tani Simberg

A motive, narrative or theme outside its own being is therefore absent - allowing instead, their traditional setting to speak.

b o n e r works under the premise that one cannot gain a sociological understanding of a situation purely through looking at human behavior, but that one must also take the objects which are enabling (and co-creating) the situation into consideration And as objects have such a hard time to speak, this piece will help them. A voice is given to things, uttering their structural function and explaining their properties - through which they are being valued When speaking, it also gets obvious what they, the objects, make others (humans and non-humans) do. The speaking objects appear as agents in a network, which constitutes the event of the performance.

In b o n e r these agents are presented next to each other and thereby democratized; perceived as equally important, dependent and controlled by each other.

The same network would also include the performer, as one agent with specific properties; its ‘humanity’.

The piece highlights a devilish aspect of the solo-for- mat and thrusts it into the foreground.

By creating a game of valuation, a structure authored by Malmborg -the performance maker- using Malmborg -the performer- for its purposes, he is put in a situation that oscillates between controlling and being controlled. Ultimately aiming for a state in which Malmborg is reduced from being a subject that is acting, to becoming an object that is appearing and being watched.

By and with:Iggy Lond Malmborg
Technical solutions and dramaturgical support: Maike Lond Malmborg
Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
In collaboration with : Baltic Cricle Festival (Helsinki), Inkonst (Malmö)
Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia Residency supported by: Nordic and Baltic Mobility programme
Thanks to : Inter Arts Center Malmö, Lucie Tumova, Olev Poolamets, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Taavet Jansen and the world of online nerd forums.
Duration: 90min / Premiere: 12.11.2014,
Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki)

-- Om "b o n e r" på svenska

b o n e r är en analys av sig själv där ett motiv, narrativ eller en tematik utanför sitt eget varande är uteslutna. I stället framträder deras ramverk och börjar tala.

b o n e r utgår från antagandet att det inte går att förstå en situation bara genom att studera det mänskliga beteendet. En måste också ta objekten som möjliggör och är medskapare av situationen i beaktning.

Eftersom saker har så svårt att prata, kommer föreställningen att hjälpa dem på traven. I b o n e r får sakerna röster som beskriver deras egenskaper genom vilka de värderas. När sakerna talar blir det också tydligt vad de får andra, såväl människor som andra ickemänskliga ting, att göra. De talande sakerna framstår som aktörer i ett nätverk som möjliggör teaterupplevelsen. Aktörerna presenteras sida vid sida och blir därmed lika viktiga, beroende och kontrollerade av varandra. Även verkets upphovsman ingår i detta nätverk, som en aktör med en särskild egenskap: sin mänsklighet.

b o n e r synliggör också en djävulsk aspekt av soloformatet. Genom en form av ständig värdering utnyttjar (av:) Lond Malmborg (med:) Lond Malmborg för sina egna syften. Han ställs i en situation som pendlar mellan att vara i kontroll och att vara kontrollerad, där det inledningsvis handlande subjektet (med:) Lond Malmborg reduceras till ett objekt som blir tittat på.

Av och med: Iggy Lond Malmborg 
Tekniskt & dramaturgiskt stöd: Maike Lond Malmborg 
Samproducenter: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
In i samarbete med: Baltic Cricle Festival (Helsinki), Inkonst (Malmö) 
Med stöd av: Cultural Endowment of Estonia Residency stött av: Nordic and Baltic Mobility programme 
Tack till : Inter Arts Center Malmö, Lucie Tumova, Olev Poolamets, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Taavet Jansen and the world of online nerd forums.



SAVE THE DATES: 9-12 of MARCH 2017. 

END FEST is an ongoing work devoted to the connection of art, audience and scene in the form of an eternityfestival. 

In 2017, the first of many years where everything ends, we celebrate by making three physical End Fest's at various locations around Stockholm.In March, we bring together the Royal Opera, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern & Weld and together we connect with artists who all contribute with new, old, borrowed, bought and donated works who all needs to be shown. At the same time we open an online forum, who, much like the very idea of the internet, is open to all. A hole where you can throw out anything, but also demand rigor (high and low) from other and yourself. 

End Fest creates dialogue and collaborations between artists, audience, the different art fields, the free art scene, institutions, practices and perspectives.

March 2017 is the starting point for the future and the beginning of the end. We present a program at various locations in Stockholm. The impact in March is a smokebomb that End Fest together with the Royal Opera, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Weld presents. March is the end of the launch of this in-depth idea of ​​new connections and more synapses. 

Supported by Stockholm City Culture Council.
END FEST is presented by Mothers of Dales and Mountains.